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History Of The Pharmacy


After receiving his pharmacy degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Jasper Lovoi, Sr. a native of Beaumont, Texas worked for a year or so with a local pharmacy in his hometown. In 1932 he decided to go into business for himself and opened Lovoi Drug Store, a compounding pharmacy at 1000 Buford. In addition to filling prescriptions and selling over the counter medications, the store also stocked a supply of dry goods, groceries and liquor, as well as offering delivery service.


In 1934, Lovoi married Rosalie Romano, who was born in Orange, Texas. Rosalie worked with her husband in the store until their eldest child, Joe Lovoi, joined the pharmacy in 1959. The family lived upstairs and "Doc" Lovoi was available twenty-four/seven. To obtain service at any hour, customers just had to ring the bell.


The timing of Lovoi's decision to start his own business could hardly have been worse in terms of the national economy. The United States was still in the throes of the Great Depression. To meet this challenge, Lovoi extended credit to those who needed it, accepted whatever payment others could afford and engaged in barter with customers who needed to pay for their medications and other purchases in that manner. The daily sales journal he kept from 1935-1941 includes wonderful notes about the times and the pharmacy's operation.


The three "Lovoi Brothers" (or Lovoi Sons, depending on the context) followed in their father's professional footsteps, all becoming pharmacists. In 1962 the family opened a second pharmacy as well as acquiring another delivery vehicle. Sales clerks and bookkeepers were also added to the staff for the two pharmacies. In the 1970s computers were added to the inventory.


The Buford store was combined with the Fannin store in 1972, a move designed to allow Jasper Lovoi Sr. to reduce the number of hours he worked, though he remained a vital part of the pharmacies until his death in 1980.


The Lovoi family came to Beaumont in 1903, before the birth of Jasper Lovoi, Sr. With his personal commitment to the area, along with a record of over seventy years in a family owned and operated business, Lovoi & Sons Pharmacies is a dedicated supporter of a number of nonprofit groups of Southeast Texas. Among the organizations it assists are; Spindletop Soccer, CASA, local church groups and Catholic Charities.


The family pharmacy, which continues today to be a place of "camaraderie," is the setting for a host of wonderful memories, with each day bringing a new story. Lovoi & Sons Pharmacies prides itself on being a place where customers can be confident their needs are met, with the assurance that Jasper Lovoi, Sr.'s dedication to serving others is instilled in his family.


The mission of the business continues to follow the tenets that Jasper, Sr. followed. To offer the best personal medical service to the people of Beaumont - with the mission now extending to include the entire Southeast Texas area.


Located at 3480 Fannin in Beaumont, Lovoi & Sons Pharmacies is staffed by three pharmacists, two technicians, two sales persons, two delivery drivers and a bookkeeper. This business, which has become one of the largest "independent" pharmacies between Houston and New Orleans, takes great pride in both its history and its future of service.

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