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Nicotine Lollipops

The Nicotine Lollipop...

  • is actually nicotine polacrilex combined with a natural sweetner
  • is sugar free and safe for the diabetic patient
  • has a sugar-free sorbitol base
  • is available in two and four mgs
  • is flavored - choose strawberry, watermelon, cherry, lemon-lime, green apple, spearmint, or cinnamon
  • dosage can be customized to your physicians specifications

We recommend that heavy smokers who smoke more than one and one-half packs daily start with four mg lollipop for two to three weeks and two mg lollipops for another two to three weeks. Smokers who smoke less than one and one-half pack per day use two mg for four to 5 weeks.

The Nicotine Lollipop is easy to use. When you feel the urge to smoke, place the lollipop in your mouth until the urge is over. It's that simple. (One lollipop lasts for four to five cigarette breaks.)